Our chickens are part of our family. When interacting, please refer to them using their names. This helps to keep them healthy, happy chickens and they, in return will reward us with yummy eggs which we make into cakes. And then we're gonna eat 'em. With roasties and greens from the garden.

It’s a chicken’s life. Well…. except for having your eggs nicked and maybe getting made into a nice pie.

We think that keeping chickens is great if you can. It gives you eggs, it gives you a place to use your kitchen scraps to reduce landfill.

Our flock arrived on Tuesday. We have 6 point of lay brown hens with freshly clipped wings. They have rings on their legs so you can pick your favourite chicken by their colour.

Blue => Bluey
Red => Scarlet
Purple => Violet
Green => Lilly
Yellow => Sunshine
Black => Moonlight

How can you get started? Well, if you live near Redcliffe in Queensland, you could have a chat with Helen from Helen’s Happy Hens. Or just Google it 🙂