When you first go to a supermarket produce section, what does it look like? Amazing, right? Big piles of perfect looking fruit and veg, cheap as chips.

But after a while don’t you start to notice that the produce section never changes? The same big piles of perfect pak choi, the same perfect bunches of spring onions week after week.

It gets to the point where we stop being amazed at the bounty of the produce on display and just start grabbing apples as if they grow on trees.

Life isn’t like that. To change our outlook on what we buy, one way is to experiment with growing your own veg in a kitchen garden. It doesn’t have to be a big garden. You don’t have to grow everything. No need to grow onions for instance, but leafy greens like silverbeet, spinach are easy to grow and delicious to eat.

Like yoga, it’s about the intention.

Kitchen garden